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From Paris, With Love

A Postcard from my trip to Paris 2022! Paris is always a good Idea It’s no exaggeration to say that Paris had always been on my bucket list of travels I must take! I have always been swept up by the whimsical notion of Paris. The fashion, the poets, the history and the love. I’m…

Our Girl’s Trip to London

Keep reading for the lowdown on our London trip! There comes a time in every girl’s life, where she must make a voyage to London with her sisters, and after 30 years, can you believe this is the first time we managed to coordinate a trip for all 3 of us! I’m no stranger to…

Amaliah Posted my Book Review!

There’s no feeling quite like having your work published… I can still feel the thrill of my 23-year-old self when I saw my first ever published piece of work appear on Matchmaking website, Pure Matrimony. I couldn’t believe that something I had written, was worthy of being shared and read by others…Insane! Since then, I’ve…