Oh Charlotte Darling!

I’ve just bought myself the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream…and I’m not going lie…I’m kind of excited!

Anybody who knows me, knows that I am going through a rather public and rather expensive Charlotte Tilbury phase!

During these tumultuous and unpredictable times, where clothes shops are closed and restaurant are rendered empty, makeup seems to have become the balm that soothes the soul, and I have found my solace in the glistening rose-gold exterior of Charlotte Tilbury’s products.

Up until a few weeks ago, I was a Tilbury novice. That was until a quick online sale purchase and an email reading…”Zaima, Darling” triggered this makeup obsession! Now, 3 months down the line, and what seems like £4000 later, I’m more captivated than ever. I mean, there should be some sort of helpline for this!

A few days ago, I made my most recent purchase. I finally plucked up the courage to purchase the renowned and highly recommended Magic Cream, as well as the sought-after Magic Eye Rescue. EEEK!

These products have been in my virtual dream basket for over 2 months and I finally decided it was time. The FREE Luxury eye shadow quad that accompanied my order was the deciding factor. Beautiful glistening colours, so complementary of any South Asian warm skin tone.

Unbox with me!


Charlottes Magic Cream

Charlotte’s Magic Cream

I have extremely dry eczema prone skin, so you can imagine that I’m super dubious before I try anything new on my face. Thankfully, my skin is at a stage of recovery, where I have a little bit of scope to experiment without it flaring up too much اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّٰهِ‎. So I was eager to give this luxurious cream a try!

I’ve used the Infamous Magic Cream about 3 times now, and I must say…. I’m a little disappointed. I feel like the cream itself is so highly scented which is a nightmare for anyone with sensitive skin, also I can’t say that I find it extremely hydrating. My skin felt dry and slightly tight under my makeup and not soft as it usually feels.

My go to moisturiser/ primer has been the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base. I can really feel the moisture rich sensation on my face hours after it has been applied. A must buy for anyone with thirsty skin!

I don’t seem to be getting the same level of moisture with the Magic Cream, but I will try applying a little more than I am to see if that makes all the difference.

Magic Eye Cream

Magic Eye Rescue

This cream glides on like a dream! Only a tiny amount is needed to cover the entire eye area and its just as silky smooth as it looks. This cream makes a great base for any creamy concealer and leaves a radiant pearl-like sheen on the skin.

Although…I have used this cream about 4 times and have notices some slight redness under my eyes. That maybe due to the colder weather and the awful effects of Central Heating on my skin. But its something I’ll be keeping an eye on for sure. Despite this, The Magic Eye Rescue leaves a wonderful cooling sensation under the eyes.

Luxury Pallet: The Bella Sophia

Luxury Pallet: The Bella Sophia

This is one of the most exquisite quads I’ve laid my eyes on. The four colours complement one another beautifully, and I feel like the bronze and copper tones just come to life on Asian skin.

The dusky Smokey shades can easily transform a Day Look to a glamorous sultry Night Look with the swish of a brush. I can’t wait to use this winter for a perfect evening glam look…. and then go absolutely nowhere because #Lockdown.

So far, every Charlotte Tilbury product I own has stolen my heart. There really is just something luxurious about the shimmery glimmer of the finish of all her products. Wonderfully radiant for dryer skin, with a perfect old Hollywood glam finish!

Someone confiscate my debit card because this is not going to end well!!


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