Creating a Vision Board for 2021

My second year creating a vision board, and why It works.

If you read my previous post, you know I’ve been through a little transition in my mental space. I have made a commitment to feeling good about myself and my current trajectory, and it’s been an interesting journey so far.

At the end of last year, I was utterly compelled to create an inspiring, empowering and impassioning tool that would help me look forward into my future with excitement. That’s how I came across the idea of creating a Vision Board.

I’m a very visual learner, so this visionary aid was exactly what I was looking for to cement the mental progress that I was making.

And, as an avid craft enthusiast, I’m always down for a little cutting and sticking!

“What I believe is what I will receive”


Well, A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain your focus on what you would like to achieve or see within your future.

 You can use any means to display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

For me, it is a visual reminder of what I wish to achieve within the upcoming year, and more importantly, a look into why my goals matter to me.


For me, creating my VB and seeing it every day has been so powerful! It’s crazy how those images are ingrained in my mind.

Often, we set New Year’s resolutions and commit to them for like a month…if that.

However, if you see your goals in image form, as soon as you wake up in the morning, and as the last thing you see at night, you have no choice but to hold yourself accountable to this vision.

My VB from last year looks very different to my board from this year, but it reflects my heart and mind. Before I was picking myself up, now I’m ready to thrive and I can see that from my own choice of images and wording.

Digital Vision Board Process


A vision Board can be a huge contributing factor to manifesting your goals.

Adding this step to your manifesting practice will allow you to solidify your goals and to create a linear vision in your mind.

Clarity is key for envisioning, and a VB will give you that mental clarity needed to pursue your dreams.


Along with my VB, I have a scripting journal. This is a really powerful way to bring your VB goals to life.

 I write about my goals as if they’ve already occurred, and how I feel at that moment. It is honestly such a powerful and profound exercise, to live and feel that moment before it has happened.

 I’ve scripted walking into my dream home, receiving my ideal job and even meeting Mr Right!

It is such a buzz to write about and envision positive goals and to see myself in that situation.

Previous Vision Board 2020


  1. Forced to get clear on what you want

This process forces you to actually write down what you wish to attain, then search for matching images and cut and arrange them in a way that is pleasing for you to see.

The entire process is designed to ingrain these images in the mind and allow you to tap into the positive feelings associated with progress and potential.

Looking at these images summons the exact feelings, and that in turn will bring the desired outcome to you!

2. Deciding the End Goal

Of course, Allah is the best of planners, but we are told to put the work in as well. We all make plans for the day, or even the week. But how many of us have our long-term big goals planned out? Well, Vision Boarding allows you to map the end goal.

 Once the end goal is decided, you just have to fill in the blanks with the daily, weekly or monthly actions that will lead you to your desired destination. With the right actions and sincere dua, it can surely become a reality!

“What you Focus on Grows”

3. A Burst of Inspiration

You may be making all the right moves in all the right places in accordance to your goals, but there comes a time when our energy wanes and we feel demotivated.

Well, I’ve found that my vision board was a huuuuuuge source of inspiration for me when I was feeling that all to family lull in my efforts.

Because, along with the VB, comes the memory of how inspired you were when creating it. Simply take in these feelings and use them to inspire yourself all over again!

4. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Ever heard the saying, Out of sight out of mind. Well imagine the total opposite!

The powerful tool we call our minds, reacts so strongly to visual resources. Imagine seeing your goals and ideal scenarios every single day.

If these are the images your mind is absorbing, then the goal seems so much more manageable.

And it’s not just about seeing it every day. If chosen with purpose, these powerful images will summon the exact feeling you will have when you hit that milestone or finally get to that dream destination.

And that’s the important part – the feeling! That’s what will gravitate your desired outcome to you.

Look at it often and envision how it would really feel to achieve everything on your board and infuse it with good vibes!

This is the key to really getting the most out of your VB.  


Drawing close to the end of this year, I was again inspired to create a new Vision Board to represent my updated goals and my changing perspective.

My VB process is quite simple, I let the images come to me! I begin by jotting down a quick plan of what I want to see in the coming year, and what I want to focus on.

Brainstorming my Vision Board

This year, I decided to try something different. I created a digital vision board by selecting images online and arranging them in an appealing way, using Microsoft Publisher.

It’s quite different to physically cutting and sticking the images. However, I’ve really enjoyed the process of layering each image and checking in with myself to make sure it’s still on point and purpose.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the way it came out! It’s crammed with inspiration and the beautiful vibrant colours catch my eye when I ever I look at it.

I’ve got one thing left to do, and that’s print it out and stick it somewhere that I’ll be sure to look at it every day!

My new Vision Board for 2021


 The measurement of success for your VB is whether the things you want to achieve have become a reality for you.

And don’t worry, sometime goals are long term and will take longer than a year to come into fruition. The key is to keep envisioning and to pursuing the steps to make it a reality.

A lot of my goals from the previous year have continued into this year (err ….hello Mr Right?) but my focus has changed and so I want my new VB to reflect this.

Get stuck in and enjoy creating your own Vision Board 😊

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