Remove your Fears and Doubts for the Ultimate Manifesting Experience

3 tips to help you curb those pesky inner doubts and help you tune in to a more positive and deserving you!

So, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about the Law of Attraction and manifestation lately. It seems more and more people are subscribing to this spiritual notion of gravitating the things you want to your life. Whether it be the dream home, job or relationship, all these things can be manifested into your life with a little self-work!

However, one thing I don’t hear about as much is that manifesting is very much a passive process, meaning you can’t manifest from your conscious and active thoughts, it’s really your inner beliefs that do all the work.

Manifestations are conjured from our deeper subconscious beliefs. More specifically, our subconscious beleifs about what we deserve in our lives.

If, within our subconscious beliefs, we feel undeserving of the amazing promotion or to unattractive for the wonderful relationship…that’s the biggest and loudest message we’re putting out there…and that’s exactly what we will continue to receive.

What ever you’re looking to bring into your life, you have to believe it in the deepest, most subconscious part of your mind…like there is no other option, other than the future you know you want and deserve!

How amazing does that sound! …But here’s the thing, the fears and self-doubts you have about your life and your abilities, they live right there in the subconscious. And guess what…they have an all access pass to your dreams and manifestations.

Your fears and self-doubts can be the exact things that prevent your manifestations from becoming your reality. So…here are 3 tips to help you curb those pesky inner doubts and help you tune in to a more positive and deserving you!1.

1. Listen to Positive Affirmations Everyday

I know it sounds a little strange (like Chandler’s ‘Strong Women’ self-help tape!) but…when used correctly, positive affirmations can be one of the most powerful tools to help reprogram the subconscious mind!

Studies show that listening to a 10-minute affirmation playlist every day, for 21 days, is enough to impact our deepest thoughts and challenge the lingering negative beliefs we have about ourselves.

We are most susceptible to this form of reprogramming in the early morning, at night before sleep or when in a meditative state. To really absorb the messages and mantras, listen at the same time every day.

I’ve been listening to a self-esteem mantra playlist right before I go to sleep, for just over a week now, and it is honestly crazy how quickly some of the affirmations have sunk into my subconscious and even conscious thoughts.

When experiencing a recurring negative thought, I find myself being able counteract it with one of the mantras from the play list, and I can feel the knot in my mind physically coming loose. What would have been a triggering thought, slips away effortlessly. It really is worth a try!

I’ve been listening to a wonderful playlist by Leeor Alexandra, you can find it below.

2. Re-frame and Replace your Biggest Insecurities

Did you know, our brains can only experience one thought at a time? I know it certainly doesn’t feel that way, but that means It’s possible to swap the negatives thoughts we usually experience, with a much more positive belief.

Try writing out the fears and the fixed beliefs you have that don’t serve you, thoughts you experience all the time and make you feel low and unworthy. And then, directly beneath your initial statement, write a positive statement that completely counteracts your initial negative belief.

 For example, one of my fixed negative beliefs is “I don’t feel confident or qualified to do my dream job.” How disempowering is this statement?! Literally no good thoughts can follow this downer.

So, I’ve been trying to rephrase and reframe this self-doubt. Anytime I find myself thinking this toxic thought, I tell myself “I am more than competent for the role I wish to have, and I’m willing to learn on the job to reach my full potential.” This thought puts me in a much better mindset for searching for my dream job, than If I had let my initial thought fester and become my reality.

Even the act of writing out your fears and self-doubts, makes them easier to address and give you direction to start healing.

Seriously, give this exercise a try and then repeat your new mantras to yourself when you find yourself slipping into old thought habits. It really does work!

Try this neat exercise below, it will help you directly reframe your recurring negative thoughts.

3. Give your Inner Critic a Name

This one sounds funny, I know! But stay with me.

It’s no doubt that we all have an inner critic. The horrible voice inside our heads that tells us we’re not pretty enough, slim enough, smart, valuable or special enough to achieve the things we want.

And isn’t it so easy to believe this voice? it sounds like us, it knows the things we know and what it says makes so much sense. Well, have you ever come across the phrase “You are not your thoughts?” I can’t tell you how true this is.

The fears, self-doubts and negative thoughts you experience, they are not a part of you, so you shouldn’t define yourself by them.

Try this, give your inner critic a name and a persona, something you find unpleasant. Straight away, this inner voice becomes an external voice, and we are much better at dealing with external criticism them we are at dealing with self-criticism.

By giving this inner voice a name and a persona, it automatically helps us to dissociate it from ourselves. In doing so, it’s gives us the ability to talk back to it and even challenge what it says. Heck, I disagree with my inner critic all the time!

Give it a go, give your voice a name, and next time you hear that pesky voice trying to make and appearance, call it by its first name, and tell it to GO AWAY!

Once we’ve purged the subconscious of all this inner negativity, you’ll make space for gratitude and positivity. Not to mention that manifesting your dream life will seem so much easier, because you’ll soon realise you’re already living the dream!

Go on, give it a try and see what happens!

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