A sneak peek at our food parcels this Ramadan!

Gifting food to our nearest and dearest this Ramadan.

Giving out cute and curated food parcels during Ramadan, has swiftly become a small family tradition. Seeing as we didn’t manage to give anything out last year, I was really eager to get something out this year. Through sheer family effort, we all pulled together our skills to give out this wonderful box of goodies!

The contents:

Home-made Pilau and Zarda (savoury and sweet rice)

Fresh Home-made Channa Chaat (Chickpea Salad)

A selection of mini samosas

Hand-dipped strawberries

Home-made Mini Trifles

I have a super passion for presentation. I love my gifts to be wrapped immaculately and parcels to be packaged beautifully #OCD! Soooo I wanted everything to look pretty while still being functional.

All the packaging was purchased on Amazon, including the beautiful window gift boxes that were all painstakingly assembled by hand (bottoms and lids!!) but it was worth it for the overall effect. 

Packaging used:

Cardboard gift boxes

Cardboard food trays

Ice cream cups

Mini dessert pots

Mini spoons

Cut out lantern tags provided by the wonderful Label&Co. Whose service was a dream! Quick and concise, they delivered exactly what I was after! (Find them on Instagram!)

These parcels were given out to our family, friends and neighbours, and we’ve had such a lovely response! There no better feeling then giving away something knowing you’ve put your heart and soul into it.

Here’s to many more cute parcels to come Insha’Allah!

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