My Highlights From Ramadan 2021

Contemplating the beautiful month gone by.

As I sit here, with my steamy dreamy tea in hand, I am steeped in contemplation. A simple pleasure, such as tea in the afternoon, has a renewed sense of delectability after fasting throughout an entire month. 

Every year as Ramadan ends, I’m left with a feeling somewhere between gratitude and sorrow. Grateful to have lived to see another Ramadan and reap the blessings of the month. And sorrow…because I miss it ☹

Ramadan is unlike any other time in the year, it breathes life into the night and worship is of highest priority. Intentions align and we are left we a spiritual surge in faith that is almost addictive.

Ramadan Goals

If you read my previous post, you know that I outlined a set of goals that I wanted to reach this Ramadan. Alhumdulilah, I was able to achieve pretty much 80% of what I wanted to achieve, and it feels great.

Quran Recitation

This year, I feel I can honestly say I built a relationship with the blessed Quran, unlike anything I have felt before.

I was in awe of the language and the sheer magnitude held between the pages. I hope this lasts throughout my entire life Insha’Allah.


I set myself a goal to memorise 2 Surahs of the Quran to add more variety to my Prayers and to increase concentration, and I did!

I now have a renewed interest in my daily Salah and a new passion to continue to memorise as much as I can Alhumdulilah.

‘Meeting Mohammed (saw)’

This year, I was blown away by a short YouTube series by Yakeen Institute called ‘Meeting Mohammed (saw)’.

Within this 30-day series, Sheikh Omar Suleiman narrated intimate stories of the life of our beloved Prophet (saw) and I was honestly moved to tears most nights listening. It was truly profound.

Might be the new me soon Insha’Allah!


Of course, one cannot forget the actual act of fasting. It still amazes me that starving yourself of food, is one of the best ways to nourish your heart.  

Still, even after 20 years, fasting serves as a perfect reminder to remember those whose lives are so unlike our own. The luxuries we are privy to should not be taken for granted.

Prayers for Palestine

I cannot reflect on Ramadan 2021, without mentioning the atrocities and the plight of the innocent Palestinians who are suffering endlessly under the Israeli regime.

During the holiest time of the year, the beloved site of Al Aqsa mosque has become a war zone, and the societal outcry of those around the world is resounding.

Social media is ablaze with horrific portrayals of the outright injustice occurring in Palestine, and although it is so difficult to see, we are mere spectating the evil that is taking place in today’s world.

This is one of the reasons I left the profession of journalism, the double standards of those within the media is horrendous. The nuanced language and the intentional blind eye are enough to make your skin crawl.

… May Allah (swt) provide for all those who are in dire need, remove the oppressive forces in the world and protect the innocent souls that are being harmed by a cruel and calculating oppressive force. We have but only our efforts and prayers to offer…

Looking forward to next year Insha’Allah…

May Allah accept all our efforts this Ramadan and allow us to reach the next one Insha’Allah. ❤

Watch my mini vlog to see what we got up to on Eid day!


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