When in Rome

Rome Demystified: Instagram Vs Reality

Rome has always been on my travel bucket list and this year it was quite literally on my vision Board. I had always envisioned the idyllic scene of sitting beside the Trevi Fountain as dusk falls, with a gelato in hand next to some handsome Italian stranger. I can tell you, my reverie had failed to include the bustling crowds, noise pollution and plethora of men selling selfie sticks at every turn!

As soon as my sister and I landed in Rome, we knew that we were in for an interesting journey. We were confronted with huge crowds from the get go and realised we were well and truly swept up in the tourist traps that were tours and traumas.

Cannelloni with a Colosseum View

Our first stop was the Colosseum, and with a mix up with our prebooked tour, that meant we rushed to meet our time but were told we would have to reschedule, we had plenty of time to kill.

A very vibrant area, the magnificent amphitheatre that dates back to 70-80 AD is central to so much beaty and bustle. Basking under the beautiful crystal blue sky, the Colosseum truly is a marvel. Sitting outside, eating Cannelloni with a Colosseum view was a true pinch-me moment!

We were lucky enough to get an expansive tour of the Colosseum. As we gazed up at the towering walls, we could almost hear the roar of the crowds and the clash of swords that once filled this incredible structure. It was a surreal experience, standing in a place where so much history had unfolded.

Roaming in the Ruins

We ventured into the Roman Forum, an expansive complex of ruins that was once the heart of ancient Rome. We meandered amonst the ancient columns and crumbling temples, marveling at the ingenuity, craftsmanship and perseverance of the people who built them. Like bones emerging from the earth, each preserved column and pillar told a story of a time gone by.

Predating the Pantheon

We made our way to the Pantheon, an ancient temple that has been converted into a Catholic church. Its massive dome and intricate colonnades left us in awe of the skill and artistry of this prehistoric marvel. As we gazed up at the ceiling, we felt a sense of reverence and wonder that was hard to put into words.

One of my highlights was eating outside of the Pantheon. The juxtaposition of old Rome and the modern day lifestyle was truly a marvel and I found myself awestruck by the magnificent monolithic monument before us.  As we dined on pasta and swayed to an ambient acoustic busker I truly felt contentment unlike ever before.

Vatican Views


The most breathtaking breathtaking ceilings and views from the Vatican Museum ❤ 🌟 #vatican #vaticanmuseum #rome #traveleurope

♬ original sound – ThirtySomething

We ventured over to the Vatican Museum, which is home to some of the world’s most awe-inspiring art and architecture. From the stunning frescoes to the intricate tapestries, every inch of this museum is a feast for the eyes.

My highlight of the entire gallery is most definitely the Gallery of Maps. I was struck by the sheer size and scope of the maps. They are so large that it’s impossible to take in all the details at once. Each map was hand-painted on a series of panels, and the colors are still vibrant and striking today. The artists also incorporated various decorative elements into the maps, such as portraits of popes and mythological figures, which add to their overall beauty and complexity.

While the maps themselves are incredible, the setting of the Gallery of Maps is just as impressive. The hallway is long and narrow, with a vaulted ceiling that is covered in intricate frescoes. The effect is both grand and intimate, as if you are walking through a secret passageway that leads to some forgotten corner of Italy.

Silence in the Sistine Chapel

After a plethora of tiny corridors and narrow stairways, we were lead to the Sistine chapel. An eerie silence fell upon the crowd as the prohibition of photos forced everyone to be present in the moment. As I gazed up at Michelangelo’s incredible masterpiece, I was struck by its sheer scale and beauty. The colors were vibrant, the figures larger than life, and the overall effect was nothing short of breathtaking.

It’s hard to put into words just how incredible the Sistine Chapel is. Every inch of the ceiling is covered in intricate details and symbols, from the biblical scenes to the intricate patterns. And the way the light falls on the figures, casting them in a warm, golden glow, is nothing short of magical.

The Magic of Trevi


You can’t help but fall in love with the Trevi Fountain ❤️ A marvel by day and a beauty by night✨️ #rome #trevifountain #trevifountainrome #traveltiktok #travel #travelvibes #placestotravel #europetraveldestinations #traveleurope

♬ original sound – ThirtySomething

My favourite area and highlight of my trip was most definitely Piazza Di Trevi! By day or by night, the Trevi Fountain is truly a sight to behold. As I turned the corner onto the narrow alleyway that led to the Trevi Fountain, my heart began to race with anticipation. As I caught my first glimpse of the fountain, I was struck by its sheer scale and beauty. The waters flows like liquid silver, tumbling over a series of elaborate sculptures and cascading down into a shimmering pool below.

But it wasn’t just the fountain’s size and grandeur that impressed me. It was the intricate details that made the fountain truly special. Every inch of the fountain is covered in ornate carvings and intricate designs, from the powerful figures of Oceanus and Triton to the delicate seashells and coral that adorn the fountain’s base.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget how the beautiful pale travertine stone glistens against the refractions from the aquamarine pool, and the calming and consistent sound of trickling water makes a welcome change from the roar of the surrounding crowd.

I threw my customary coin over my right shoulder, wondering if I would ever return to sit beside this fountain again. I returned to sit beside the fountain, gelato in hand numerous times and felt a pull unlike any other to bask in the aquatic glow.  

PSA: If you are at all Agoraphobic, beware! The crowds in this area were intense!

Good God, the Food

The major redeeming factor of our subpar trip to Rome was most definitely the food! We indulged in mouth-watering pasta, pizza, and gelato, savoring every bite of the delicious Italian cuisine. Languishing on fresh pistachio croissants and dipping them into delectable foamy lattes at local cafes. We most definitely immersed ourselves in the vibrant culinary culture of this awe inspiring city.

Rome, I wanted to love you, I wanted to be swept away by the Eternal City – I wanted to marvel at your wonders but unfortunately I was left reeling by your abrupt manners, tiny hotel and your lack of toilet seats!

I wonder what my next Trip will be?

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