Mindful Night-time Routine: Wind Down with Me

You can’t have a great morning, without a restful night. Here are some tips and techniques to help you wind down for a night of great sleep! Anyone who knows me, knows I am the perfect antithesis to a Morning Person. (Those two words used to give me shudders!) I am such a night owl,Continue reading “Mindful Night-time Routine: Wind Down with Me”

On My Bookshelf: Ceremony

Written by Leslie Marmon Silko A thrilling tale of Native American connection and the returning to oneself, nature and the land to heal the wounds within. Synopsis Set in the Laguna Pueblo reservation in New Mexico, we are introduced to Tayo, a World War II veteran, who has been left in emotional and physical turmoil,Continue reading “On My Bookshelf: Ceremony”

Remove your Fears and Doubts for the Ultimate Manifesting Experience

3 tips to help you curb those pesky inner doubts and help you tune in to a more positive and deserving you! So, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about the Law of Attraction and manifestation lately. It seems more and more people are subscribing to this spiritual notion of gravitating the things you wantContinue reading “Remove your Fears and Doubts for the Ultimate Manifesting Experience”

My Top 5 Drug Store Liquid Lipstick Picks this V Day!

It’s officially here. The one day of the year that you’re supposed to show inordinate amounts of affection to your significant other, with useless commercial crap that literally no-one needs…. Okay, bitter single monologue over, let’s get onto what really matters, your V Day lipstick pick! This year, Zoom dates and socially distanced walks inContinue reading “My Top 5 Drug Store Liquid Lipstick Picks this V Day!”

Binge Watching Bridgerton! My Thoughts…

Pride and Prejudice meets Gossip Girl meets….50 Shades? (To be read in the voice of Lady Whistledown) It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a young lady in the middle of a pandemic, must be in want of an utterly bingeworthy series to watch! Low and behold, our prayers were answered with the latest NetflixContinue reading “Binge Watching Bridgerton! My Thoughts…”

A Delicious Turmeric Latte Recipe for when you’re Feeling Under the Weather!

This magic potion is guaranteed to make you feel better almost instantly! Despite every South Asian grandmother preaching and practicing the benefits of turmeric, this magical ingredient has only recently taken over the Western world. With the emergence of the wonderful Turmeric Latte, (Or Haldi Doodh, if you’re brown lol) the benefits of this deliciousContinue reading “A Delicious Turmeric Latte Recipe for when you’re Feeling Under the Weather!”

On My Bookshelf: The 40 Rules of Love

Written by Elif Shafak  Two parallel narratives, both enthralling stories of LOVE. One, a contemporary love story entwining man and woman. The other, an ancient tale of kinship between two lovers of God. Synopsis We are first introduced to Ella Rubinstein, a middle-aged suburban mother and wife, as plain and uninteresting as they come. WeContinue reading “On My Bookshelf: The 40 Rules of Love”

Lockdown 3.0: How to Work from Home Like a Boss!

Working from home? How to maintain your level of productivity (and sanity) in Lockdown 3.0 For me, and many others across the country (and world!) working life was beginning to slightly resemble normality.  But with Lockdown 3.0 in full swing across the UK, that faint vision is beginning to fade away. Just when you thinkContinue reading “Lockdown 3.0: How to Work from Home Like a Boss!”

Dear Future Me

Why I write a letter to myself on New Year’s Day, and why you should try it. The Magic of NYE New Year’s Eve has always been a strangely sentimental and significant time for me. So many of my best childhood memories have taken place in front of a tiny square television, counting down fromContinue reading “Dear Future Me”

Creating a Vision Board for 2021

My second year creating a vision board, and why It works. If you read my previous post, you know I’ve been through a little transition in my mental space. I have made a commitment to feeling good about myself and my current trajectory, and it’s been an interesting journey so far. At the end ofContinue reading “Creating a Vision Board for 2021”