‘Happily Ever After’ – How not to enter into a relationship

Written for and published by Pure Matrimony – Muslim Marriage guide http://www.muslimmarriageguide.com/2013/11/happily-ever-afterhow-enter-relationship/ ‘Happily ever after‘…possibly the most loaded words in the entire English language. When these three words are uttered, almost involuntarily, vivid imagery invades the mind of glistening horse drawn carriages and endless romantic sunsets. Coupled with unrealistic media depictions, young impressionable minds areContinue reading “‘Happily Ever After’ – How not to enter into a relationship”

The Masked Avenger – In Favour of Female Education

With the Taliban war against female education dramatically escalating, more than 1,000 girls’ schools and colleges in Pakistan have been forcibly closed, leaving thousands of girls denied sufficient education simply due to their gender. Female school buses, carrying bright fruitful individuals with a longing for education, are being targeted by militant forces, rendering many femalesContinue reading “The Masked Avenger – In Favour of Female Education”